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Who we are

REBI – Real Estate Building Innovation, is founded on an important concept: for us a construction work must meet the needs of the buyer, be durable and nice, this can be achieved if the work is conceived, designed and built by a single team whose purpose is the satisfaction of the customer.

Our team is made up of experienced professionals both in the technical and economic fields and by experienced workers.

Our work is supported by continuous training of employees, along with continuous research and innovation.

Our mission

The italian real estate park is mostly composed of properties over 40 years old, whose characteristics no longer meet the needs of consumers and those of a society oriented towards energy saving and respect for the environment.

We undertake renovations and upgrading of existing buildings, for their better use or for a sale in the real estate market. In this case we support the sale with the buyer’s search and the promotion of the property for sale.

We design and realize building renovation works
Our team identifies and analyzes the critical aspects of the state of conservation, distribution of internal and external spaces, energy consumption. The analysis result and the needs expressed by the buyer, are the base of design. During the work phases there is a rigid quality control.
We do real estate transactions
We operate in the field of the recovery, retraining and repositioning on the real estate market of existing buildings. Our team evaluates the condition of the building, identifies its strengths and interventions needed for sale, search the buyer.
We performs the energetic diagnosis of the building
Residential buildings accounts for more than 40% of national energy consumption. By 2020 new buildings must be close to “zero consumption”. REBI performs an energetic diagnosis of the building with qualified technicians, identifies the critical points and the solutions to be adopted with the highest cost-benefit ratio, so performs turn-key intervention from design to construction work than plant engineering.

Our team

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Francesco Manghisi
Administrator | Technical Graduate
Francesco Manghisi
Administrator | Technical Graduate

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