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Renovation of a trulli complex

The final works

Design and renovation a complex of trulli in the Castellana countryside with the restoration of the “chiancarelle” coating on the cones, the restoration of the exterior facades, the internal surfaces and the refurbishment of the bathroom.

We has followed the recovery operations at all phases. The quality and precision work has given beauty to the complex by integrating it into the territory, respecting local architectural traditions. The work inside has made the environment healthy and comfortable, ideal for spending the holiday in a cool and natural environment. 


Where we left

The property was subjected to degradation caused by water infiltrations that over time rendered unhealthy environments. Both the floor covering and the trulli cones present problems of water infiltration caused by poor maintenance and incorrectly performed operations.


The working phases

On the trulli cones, a dismantling and reconstruction of the local stone chancel roof covering was carried out, taking care to respect the existing shape and the slopes suitable to facilitate the flow of rainwater. The restoration of plaster on all exterior facades and the cleaning of stone-faced stone walls gave the structure the traditional splendor typical of trulli complexes.

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